【WELCOME TO CHIBA CITY】外国人の皆様向けおすすめ情報♪-Recommended information for foreigners ♪







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【千葉 おもてなしSHOP ガイド】

-Multilingual site to search for “food and drink”, “shopping”, and “service” for foreigners-

[Chiba Hospitality SHOP Guide]


Introducing various attractions of Chiba City, Funabashi City, and Narashino City to foreigners!




A convenient site where you can search for restaurants, shopping, and service-providing stores that offer menus for foreigners.

The store can also freely change or add information.


★【千葉 おもてなしSHOP ガイド】はこちら


★ Click here for [Chiba Hospitality SHOP Guide]








~ Chiba City Stay Guide for Muslims ~

[Muslim hospitality map]


Listed stores where Muslim travelers visiting Chiba City can receive services such as eating, drinking, worship, and beauty with peace of mind.


『ムスリムおもてなしマップ/Around Tokyo Chiba City – Muslim Friendly Map – 』は、ムスリムフレンドリー対応に加えて、ベジタリアン食(ビーガン)・オリエンタルベジタリアン(台湾素食)・インディアンベジタリアンに対応できる店舗の表記をしています。

“Around Tokyo Chiba City-Muslim Friendly Map-” shows stores that can handle vegetarian food (vegan), oriental vegetarian food (Taiwanese food), and Indian vegetarian food in addition to Muslim friendly food.




★ Click here for [Muslim Hospitality Map]








【Tour Guide Services by “Chiba-City Volunteer Guides】

-For foreignersCity guided tour MAP ~

【Tour Guide Services by “Chiba-City Volunteer Guides】


We will guide you through carefully selected courses that are popular with foreigners from the Chiba city center area and Makuhari area.


観光ボランティア「ちばシティガイド」がご案内する千葉市在住・訪日外国人向けのガイドツアーをご用意しております(英語・中国語対応)。 千葉都心エリア、幕張エリアの人気のモデルコースをご案内。千葉市に長く住んでいる貴方もまだ知らない地元の魅力があるかもしれません。 ちばシティガイドと市内を散策してみませんか。

We offer guided tours for foreigners living in Chiba City and visiting Japan guided by the tourist volunteer “Chiba City Guide” (English and Chinese). Introducing popular model courses in the central Chiba area and Makuhari area. You who have lived in Chiba City for a long time may have a local charm that you do not yet know. Why don’t you take a walk around the city with Chiba City Guide?






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